Grief Counseling

Grief and loss is something that all of us as human beings will experience at some point in our life times.  We most often associate grief and loss with the death of a loved one, divorce, or loss of a job; however, grief and loss also occur whenever we experience significant changes or transitions in our lives.

Even when we choose a change or a transition – such as a job change, or a move to a new home/city, or attending college away from home – we must “give up” the familiar and the known to go towards something that is new, different, and unfamiliar.  These times in our lives can be very challenging and difficult to cope with and manage.

It is at times like these, where a therapist or counselor can help us gain perspective.  Therapy and counseling can help us learn how to pause and recognize the impact of the change so that we can put it in its proper place and manage through the transition with healthy coping skills.

Learning to grieve in a healthy manner and cope with losses of people or manage transition is a skill that can and should be developed; however, we often hear from our clients “I should just be able to deal with it.”

All of us have unique internal and external resources to cope with issues related to grief, loss, and change.  No one handles these situations the same and there is no “right or wrong way” to grieve or change.

At Westmoreland Psychotherapy Associates, we provide specialized and focused therapy to help individuals or families understand what is happening through their own experience as well as develop an understanding of their resources for coping through the transition.

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