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Choosing to Thrive While Dying

Jena Skelton, LPC, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor with Westmoreland Psychotherapy Associates, joined GYRT Health for the last part of our four-part Mental Health Series on May 24, 2022, to walk us through a challenging conversation for many of us. A conversation about loss, death, and grief.

These are topics no one really wants to discuss. Fortunately for us, Jena is really comfortable with the topics and dove into them in an open, relaxed way. She led us through discussing the fear of death and all of the conflicting emotions that come with that, including how to navigate the conversations about death and dying, and consciously choosing to thrive through the rest of your days without turning into a billboard for toxic positivity.

GRYT Health was started and is run by cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and researchers. Please check out GYRT Health for more information and to access their supports and resources.


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