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Why Summer Time is Perfect for Starting Therapy and Finding a Therapist

Woman overwhelmed with mental load of managing home and family

After a long winter, it’s not uncommon for most people to experience a mental health boost during the summer time. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and vacations are just around the corner.

Why should you be starting therapy when things seem to be going so great? After all, isn't therapy reserved for times of crisis or when something feels amiss?

Well, contrary to popular belief, therapy isn’t just for when things are going poorly or something is “wrong.” In fact, there can be a lot of benefits to starting therapy when you feel like things are going well. Starting therapy during the summer time months can be a proactive approach to supporting your mental health.

Why Starting Therapy Over the Summer Makes Sense

Starting therapy during the summer time months can offer several different benefits. Let’s review some of those benefits below.

Time to focus on growth

During the summer, the longer days and warmer weather create an ideal environment for personal growth and self-reflection. With more free time and fewer obligations, you have the opportunity to prioritize your mental health and well-being. Starting therapy during this season allows you to dedicate time and energy to your emotional growth, setting the stage for positive changes in your life.

Better therapist availability

One of the significant advantages of starting therapy over the summer is the increased availability of therapists. With fewer people seeking therapy during this time, waitlists tend to be shorter, making it easier to find the therapist who can best meet your needs. By taking advantage of this availability, you can get started on your therapy journey without unnecessary delays.

Building coping skills outside of crisis

By starting therapy during the summer, you're taking a proactive approach to your mental health. Therapy provides a safe and supportive space to learn and practice coping skills that can help you navigate life's challenges more effectively. Rather than waiting until you're overwhelmed by stress or struggling to cope, beginning therapy now allows you to build resilience and develop healthy coping mechanisms before challenges arise.

Continuity of care throughout the year

By establishing a therapeutic relationship now, you set yourself up for ongoing support and guidance beyond summer, no matter what the future holds. Whether you're dealing with seasonal mood changes, holiday stress, or everyday life challenges, having a therapist by your side ensures that you have the support you need to navigate life's ups and downs with resilience and strength.

Needed structure

For many people, summer can be a time of relaxation and spontaneity. However, it can also lack the structure and routine that are important for maintaining mental health. Starting therapy over the summer provides a valuable source of structure and stability in your life, helping you stay grounded and focused even during the most carefree months of the year.

Harness summer time energy

The summer season naturally brings a sense of renewal and vitality. Whether you're seeking therapy to address specific issues or simply to enhance your overall well-being, the positive vibes of summer can provide an extra boost to your progress. With the sun shining and nature blooming, there's a tangible sense of optimism and possibility that can inspire meaningful change in therapy sessions.

How to Find the Therapist That’s Right for You

Once you’ve made the decision to delve into therapy, you’ll need to find the therapist who will meet your needs. Here are some things to consider in your search.

Know what you’re looking for

Before you start your search for a therapist, take some time to consider what you're looking for in a therapeutic relationship. Think about your goals for therapy, what you want to work on, and any preferences you have regarding the therapist's background or approach. This can help you narrow down your options and find a therapist who is the right fit for you.

Do your research

Once you have an idea of what you're looking for, it's time to start researching potential therapists. You can start by asking for recommendations from friends, family, or healthcare professionals. You can also use online directories or search engines to find therapists in your area who specialize in the issues you want to address. Take the time to read therapist profiles, check their credentials, and learn about their therapeutic approach to see if it aligns with your needs.

Reflect on compatibility

Finding the right therapist isn't just about their qualifications or expertise – the connection you have with them is just as important, if not more important. Pay attention to how you feel during your initial interactions with a therapist. Do you feel comfortable opening up to them? Do you feel heard and understood? Do your personalities mesh well?

Ask questions

Don't be afraid to ask questions when you're finding a therapist. Inquire about their approach to therapy, their experience working with clients who have similar issues or backgrounds, and what you can expect from the therapy process. You can also ask about their schedule, availability, and how frequently they like to meet with clients.

Take your time

Starting therapy is a big step, so don’t feel rush to find the therapist you’ll work with. Take your time to research your options, meet with potential therapists, and consider your gut feelings before making a commitment. Remember that it's okay to try out a few different therapists before finding the one who feels like the best fit for you. 

Finding a Therapist Near Me

Looking for a therapist in your area? At Westmoreland Psychotherapy Associates, we’ve served the Westmoreland county community for over 20 years. Our experienced therapists are ready to support you in starting therapy, whether it’s your first time in therapy or you’re coming back to therapy after a break.

This summer time is the perfect season to prioritize your mental health and well-being. Whether you're seeking support for managing stress, navigating life transitions, or improving your relationships, our team of compassionate therapists is here to help you on your journey towards growth and change.

Contact us today to schedule your initial appointment and discover the transformative power of therapy this summer.


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