Chronic Illness and Mood

Serious illness (cancer, heart attack, and other life- threatening disorders) and chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, etc.) often affect the individual, the family caregiver, and family members emotionally as well as physically.

Fears of the unknown, physical limitations, body changes, difficulty adjusting, and feeling overwhelmed can impact daily functioning.  In addition, some medications used to treat the disorder may have a side effect of mood disruption, such as depression or anxiety.

Inadequate coping skills (isolation, denial, alcohol or drug abuse, over-eating) can lead to further complications.  Learning to live with physical illness can be challenging to all involved.

Therapy can help individuals and families live a full and meaningful life:

  • Address unspoken fears

  • Learn coping skills

  • Identify strategies to deal with limitations and changes

  • Express feelings regarding illness impact on life plans

  • Readjust expectations

  • Recognize and utilize resources and support

Therapy can involve both the individual and the family to address concerns and provide emotional support.

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