Stress Management

Stress is a reaction to an ever changing environment and its demands. Stress can have physical and emotional effects and if untreated can effect relationships, work, and overall functioning.

Health & Physical Issues Caused by Stress

  • Insomnia or hypersomnia

  • Reduced or increased appetite

  • Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol

  • Diminished physical health

  • Decreased productivity and enjoyment at work

  • Decreased intimacy

  • Migraine headaches and other physical complaints

  • Depression

  • Ulcer, heart attack, stroke

Stress management starts with identifying stressors and becoming aware of stress-inducing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

In addition to helping our clients gain awareness, our therapists will provide you with concrete tools needed to better manage your stress. These tools include mindfulness (staying in the moment), distress tolerance (crisis survival strategies), emotion regulation (self care, building positive experiences, and reducing suffering), and interpersonal effectiveness (communicating assertively.

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